White Oak con't

Added a solid background then a frame to set the Oak piece proud about 2" and enclosed it in a thin strip of lacquered Walnut. Built in a simple 3" shelf at the bottom where we plan to place a piece of stone to contrast with the polished wood.

Sentinel shelf detail.jpg

White Oak

White Oak with a vertical inclusion, wall hung with a black background.

Sentinel Grain (2).JPG


Unusual piece of White Pine with Bronze leaf

Cabinets Almost Complete



Two new Cabinets one with an Aniline dyed door and one with a spalted door.


The initial shaping and cleaning of "Minotaur" is complete. A single tenon will be added to attach the drawer assembly and then gold leaf for the interior of the horns.

Hunter Moon

We found this slab of Black Walnut on a burn pile destined to be firewood. It is the first saw mill cut in the process of preparing a log before it is cut into dimensional lumber. After removing all the bark (hours of chipping and grinding and sanding) a streamlined shape with tantalizing figured grain emerged.  Working on the narrative.



Matching grain, fitted drawers, recessed door magnet, brass knife hinges and handmade handles complement the stunning dyed grain of the single piece door.


Attaching Handles

Coordinating bits of color requires the handle bases be Purple Heart (like the base) and the pulls to be Satinwood (like the carcass).

Raw Materials

Slabs of Black Walnut and Wisconsin Maple hanging out where we work. Loads of possibilities!



Band Saw Dust

I know you are supposed to clean up every night before turning off the lights. I forgot, for a month, and then found this little collection in the base of the band saw. A record of the different woods passing through the blade above.

WAAC Art Fair Off the Square

Early Saturday morning just before opening on 7/9. Our first time, perfect weather and enthusiastic and knowledgeable crowd. Saw lots of friends and many new acquaintances. First time with our new Flourish tent, a little more work to set up but worth every minute. Cooler by far and when it rained Sunday afternoon the tent functioned without a hitch. Our displays were on their maiden voyage as well. Thanks to our indispensable helpers, Aileen, Kari, Matt and Gil.

Clamping a Swoop


Two pieces of 3/32 thin Mahogany strips are glued in a jig that produces a gentle curve, a "swoop" we call it. Most of the time the wood cooperates and emerges parallel on both ends. Sometimes not. A border will be added later along with a base to support the piece.

Building Hunger Moon

Final assembly of "Hunger Moon"

After constructing the Walnut base and laminating the circular "moon", attaching the "landscape" followed. Alignment was the most challenging aspect, making sure the vertical plane was perfectly true.

Constructing Lola

After removing all the bark and sanding off all of the remaining color the piece is ready to have the facets cut into the sides. The feet and the burl shelf will be added later.


Welcome to our new website

We're looking forward to sharing with you our process in the workshop, our new creations, and our travels. Check back soon!